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Door Hinge Knuckle Bender

You could use a basic adjustable wrench to fine-tune hanging a door, but this wrench is made specifically for door hinge knuckles. More

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What's a DPT Wrench?

Woodworker, designer, and inventor extraordinaire Izzy Swan demonstrates his new DPT wrench, which speeds up the fastening of all types of threaded rods. More

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A Wrench for Tight Spaces

Milwaukee's 8-inch wide-jaw adjustable wrench offers increased capacity where space is tight. More

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How Big a Fish Can You Catch With a Box Wrench?

…with a No. 11 box wrench, to be more specific. No, seriously – we’re asking, because a mechanic in Florida caught something massive. More

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Crescent X6 Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench

A reversible serrated jaw and a socket system make this wrench more versatile than most. More

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