Redwing has announced a new line of work boots with a curved foot bed that is shaped more like the human foot. The CrV line (for curved) is lighter and more flexible than current Redwing models and will be available in aluminum safety toe and soft toe versions. Four models will be offered to begin with, a pull on (4239), and 8-inch (2438), and 6-inch in brown (2436) and black (4423).

The shape of the boot is said to provide a good fit at the heel with extra width at the toe, which in terms of comfort is a plus—especially with safety toe models. The boot uses direct attach construction, where the upper is placed on a last and clamped into a mold into which polyurethane is injected. The polyurethane forms the midsole and connects the upper to the sole. This method of construction yields a light and flexible boot. Keen uses this method in their Portland Oregon plant.

All four models are made from waterproof leather, have fiberglass shanks, and include a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating on the toe to prevent abrasion. The rubberized heel kick plate has a “lip” you can step on with your other foot to help pull the boot off. The pull on model has openings at the top that can be used as handles to pull the boot on.

The boots are made in the USA with imported materials. The MSRP is $199 for the 6-inch models, $209 for the 8-inch model, and $219 for the pull ons.