If you die on the jobsite, chances are it will be one of these things that gets you.

A fall
Struck by an Object
Caught in Between

That’s what OSHA says. Sounds kind of bland the way they say it, but if you’ve seen any of these things happen then you know they are more than just words on a list. Fortunately, I have never been on a site where someone died, but I have seen a tile setter get knocked off his feet by a live wire, witnessed a mason get hit in the head by a stud that fell from two stories above, and have myself fallen from high enough to break 3 or 4 ribs. The good news is: the tile setter, mason, and I lived to build another day. The bad news is: not everyone is so lucky.

The chart below is provided courtesy of Compliance and Safety (Construction’s Fatal Four are near the bottom). Think of it as a study guide for the test that will take place tomorrow and every day you are on the jobsite. As they say in public service announcements, don’t become a statistic.

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