What does a stand-up comic have in common with an unlucky test subject and a tradesman with “helpful” co-workers?

In this case, all are characters in humorous ads for work wear. The Blaklader and Bjornklader ads are in Swedish and the Mascot ad is in Danish. Not that the language matters — you can tell by looking what they are about. All three brands are available in the U.S. Blaklader is widely distributed. Bjornklader and Mascot are less well-known but trying to make inroads.

If this Mascot ad is to be believed, Denmark does not have an agency like OSHA — at least not for work related to testing work clothes.

The fellow in this Bjornklader ad is a well-known comic in Sweden. I feel certain he’s using filthy language but I can’t understand because I don’t speak Swedish. For more on these pants from a guy who does not curse or speak Swedish see this blog entry from Greg DiBernardo.

According to the captions, the fellow in this Blaklader ad greatly appreciates his co-workers. His boss? Not so much.

The captions are not visible on an iPhone or iPad; for those of you who use those devices the translation is roughly as follows:
0:10 – The guys I work with are really fantastic.
0:15 – I come out of the shower and they have pressed and folded my work pants.
0:20 – Those guys are totally outstanding.
0:25 – Is it okay if I send a message to my boss?
0:26 - !*&?#!!

For more on these pants from someone who requires no translation, see this blog entry by Tim Uhler.