Early this year at the World of Concrete I stopped by the Blåkläder booth and spoke with Michael Majsak about the company’s new Hi-Vis Pants and Jackets. Hi-Vis clothing and gear is intended to make workers visible from a distance in all kinds of lighting conditions, making it less likely drivers and equipment operators will accidentally hit or run over them.

Vis gear must meet different ANSI standards for different applications. Higher standards apply when people are working next to a road with cars whizzing by at 50+ miles per hour than when they are working in a warehouse or on a construction site. The pants and jackets in the video below meet the two highest standards, class 2 and class 3. Of course there is more to the gear than that; it offers the same kind of functionality found in other Blåkläder gear: a variety of inside and outside pockets and pouches, a place to put kneepads, and many other details that say “these clothes are made for work”.

The video begins with a discussion of the model 4937 shell (jacket) and 1608 pants and goes on to cover the 4827 shell and 1633 pants. All four products should be available by March 2014. The shells will cost $130-140 and the pants $80-130.