Crude Hands demonstrated its Smartskin Impact Gloves at the WOC in February 2016 by performing drop tests on porcelain tile protected by various work gloves on the market. The patented technology, called D30 (pronounced "D-Three-Oh"), provides impact protection that is designed to absorb shock while remaining flexible.  Note: These are not anti-vibration gloves. The D30 foam can reportedly reduce the risk of broken bones from impacts from a falling object, a crushing force or a tension load that springs loose. The company outfits law enforcement, military and motorcross industries with knee pads and other protective armor equipped with this technology. In the video below you'll see a demonstration of the same drop test that we witnessed at the show. The gloves sell for $28.50. We'll be watching to see if this technology finds its way into knee pads for contractors as well. www.crudehandsgloves.comeaxyawrztaccvtaxfraexavutudzyvawd