Two Fisted Fleece Jacket
Two Fisted Fleece Jacket

If you’re already warming your truck up every morning it’s probably a good time to start gearing up for the impending weather. Here are some options:

Last winter Doug Mahoney reviewed the CORE Performance Thermal Vest (6463) and Thermal Jacket (6465) - a high-quality, pocket-rich combo that will keep you warm, though maybe it's not as versatile as Blakladder's Two-Fisted Fleece, which Tim Uhler reviews here.

At least three big cordless tool manufactures offer a line of cool-weather jackets with heating coils powered by cordless tool batteries:

* Bosch offers a 12-volt line of heated jackets for both men and women.

* DeWalt has a huge line of heated jackets powered by 12- and 20-volt Max batteries. 

* And Milwaukee, a line powered by its M12 12-v batteries.

Of course, jackets are only part of the solution. Deck builder Robert Shaw of Colorado Springs came up with the idea of wearing nitrile gloves under the thin cotton gloves he normally wears. As reported in our sister-publication Professional Deck Builder, this  allows him to keep his hands warm without having to take his gloves off to perform tasks that require dexterity.

And then, of course, there's warm feet. Warm work boots constitutes a long topic all in itself, but perhaps these heated insoles might do the trick with whatever work boot you wear.