If you do any type of construction where the snow flies and the ice builds on a jobsite, adding traction to your boots is a must. But most traction aides have their limitations: you can’t drive a truck while wearing them (at least you shouldn’t), and you can’t safely climb ladders, either. Yaktrax, maker of a variety of traction aides, recently released an ice traction device specifically designed with construction workers in mind. As the name implies, the unit fits over the heel only, leaving the sole unencumbered. Made with a nylon strap and tungsten carbide spikes, the rubber-based Heeltrax can be worn as low as -41 F... so even if it’s too cold for you or your power tools to work, you’ll be able to at least say you showed up that day, and you'll have the footprints to prove it. A set of Heeltrax goes for $30.