Little Giant Select Step
Little Giant Select Step

Space-Saving Ladder

Even though they fold, stepladders are bulky and difficult to transport. The Little Giant Select Step combines two common sizes – a 6-footer and an 8-footer – in one model, so you've got one less ladder to haul around. The telescoping legs adjust in one-foot increments from 5 to 8 feet, and the sides move independently, allowing you to set up the ladder on steps or against a wall. A removable work tray with tool holders, cord holders, and a magnetized spot for nuts and bolts shifts vertically to provide a safety handle above the top step. The ladder has wheels and can be folded up and hauled around like a piece of luggage. It weighs a little less than 25 pounds and also comes in a 6- to 10-foot height.
¦ Price: Starts at $200. 800-453-1192.