Steel-toe boots are like safety glasses and fall protection, you don't really need them until suddenly you do. Don't believe me? Then check out the boot Darren Sisson was wearing during a close encounter with a 5-ton piece of construction equipment.

Sisson was working on a tunnel project in Brisbane, Australia when a bolter rig fell off the loader and onto his boot. He describes riding in the ambulance and not wanting to look at his foot because he was afraid of what he might see.  I know the feeling, and you do too if you have had a serious accident – you instinctively want to delay the moment when you have to admit something happened to you that can't be fixed or changed.

As Sisson put it in a story posted on the boot maker's website, "I was lying back waiting for my toes to fall out onto the floor or blood to gush everywhere when the boot was removed. I was thinking this is my start to a new life, a life with half a foot, or no toes".

To see how things turned out for Sisson click the photo on the left side of this page.