The only thing worse than wearing a face shield is not wearing one and getting hit by a chunk of debris or splashed with something toxic or nasty. Brass Knuckle’s Vader Combo is a pair of goggles attached to a face shield. Smaller and lighter than traditional face shields, its close fit makes it hard for debris to come in from the sides or bottom. The goggles are vented and have an anti-fog coating to prevent condensation from obscuring your view.

I saw these things at the STAFDA show and had to try them on because they made the mannequin that was wearing them look like Darth Vader. They were more comfortable than the goggles and face shields I’ve worn in the past. They’re said to fit over eye glasses but mine wouldn’t fit because they have thick plastic temples—wire rims might have worked better.

The Vader Combo has been out for a few months and sells for $13-14. A version with smoked lenses, for use in bright sunlight, will come out early 2017.