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World's Greatest Nail Gun Operator

Chen Chun Hao has driven more 23-gauge pin nails than any man alive. Read more

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A Not So Clever Criminal

Here's someone who really hates Home Depot; fortunately he's not that good with matches. Read more

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Vintage Lock Mortising Machine

Way once upon a time – back before Stanley bought Black & Decker – Stanley made electric power tools. Read more

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Don't Bogart This ENL

You know what I'm talking about. Read more

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Lazy Man's Circ Saw

I almost feel guilty wanting one of these things. Am I really so lazy that I can't push the saw down the rail? Read more

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New Tools and Gear from JLC LIVE

No one likes drywall dust, work wear that falls apart, or underlayment caps that must be nailed by hand. Read more

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Just Askin'

Is it even possible to fit $200,000 worth of tools and equipment in the back of a pickup truck? Read more

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Scandinavia's Answer to the Utility Knife

European tradespeople are not into the kind of generic utility knives used in this country; they prefer sheathed knives because they are better for heavy-duty work and can be designed for specific... Read more

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What's the Best Recip Saw Blade for Carving Turkey?

Buck and Larry don't know, but that doesn't stop them from plowing ahead. Read more

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Multi-Purpose Chainsaw

This home-made chainsaw attachment will clear brush, cut mortises, and make your commute a whole lot easier. Read more

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How American is Your American Truck?

The answer might surprise you. Read more

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Clever Extension Ladder Mod

Like most tradesmen, I've spent a lot of time struggling to raise balky extension ladders. So my first reaction upon seeing this project was: Why didn't I think of this back when I painted houses? Read more

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Best Circ Saw Rip Guide

Most circular saw rip guides are junk that no self-respecting carpenter would ever want to use. But this one is different. Read more

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Chainsaw Implosion

I kind of like repairing tools – taking them apart and putting them back together so they work. Read more

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Hammer Your Drug Habit

According to Joel Allen, buying a hand tool from his company might help you kick your drug habit. Read more

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Tool Tests

Ridgid Mobile Miter Saw Stand

Carpenter Brian Way gave the gravity-rise miter-saw stand from Ridgid a hard look....

Two Work Jackets Reviewed

Contributing editor Tim Uhler torments the Grundens Neptune and Helly Hansen's...

Sawzall Vs. Flexvolt

How do the Milwaukee and DeWalt reciprocating saws match up?

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