A unique articulating reciprocating saw has been added to Porter-Cable's line of cordless 12 Volt MAX Compact Lithium tools. The ClampSaw (PCL120CRC-2) has a clamping shoe at the blade end to hold workpieces in place, helping to reduce vibration caused by cutting small-diameter objects like copper and plastic pipe, metal strut, threaded rod, and wood. The variable-speed tool weighs less than 3 pounds and has a three-position handle that folds to just 9-1/2 inches for increased versatility – a handy feature when cutting in spaces too small for full-size recip saws. The tool includes an LED work light and comes with two lithium-ion batteries and a 30-minute charger.
¦ Price: $129. 888-848-5175.


Simpson Strong-Tie


The Quik Drive PRO300S auto-feed screw-driving system now includes a decking nose clip that places each screw an equal distance from the edge of the deck board and centered on the deck joist below, for a secure connection and finished appearance. The system has an auto-feed mechanism that uses collated screw strips for hands-free screw advancement; its extension accessory allows users to stand up while driving screws, for comfort and speed. It comes with the buyer's choice of DeWalt or Makita screw-gun power.
¦ Price: $365. 800-999-5099.




A Lithium Ion Inspection Camera Kit (DCT410S1) is part of the new 12 Volt MAX cordless platform. This tool can be used to take videos and still photos within otherwise inaccessible spaces, such as inside walls, pipes, ductwork, and machinery. Images can be recorded to a MicroSD memory card. The camera has a cordless and removable 3.5-inch LCD screen for convenient viewing away from the camera unit. Its lens is mounted to a waterproof 3-foot flexible cable with hook and magnet tips that allow it to be used as a retrieval tool; optional extension lengths may be added as needed.
¦ Price: $299. 800-433-9258.


M.K. Morse


The NXT Metal-Cutting cutoff saw blades are the next generation of blades in the Metal Devil line. According to the manufacturer, they represent a significant advancement in carbide grade technology, carbide tooth geometries, and blade plate design. The blade rake angles and tooth geometries also have been optimized for each blade diameter, resulting in smoother, faster cuts with less vibration and longer blade life, says the company. NXT blades come in 10 diameters from 5-3/8 inches (32 tooth) to 14 inches (66 tooth) in size.
¦ Price: $40 to $160. 800-733-3377.