Johnson Level & Tool


A total of 18 new power tape measures and long tapes have been added to this manufacturer's line, following
last year's expansion into laser distance-measuring devices and measuring wheels. The new tools range from basic professional tape measures to high-impact stainless steel models, with long tape measures in fiberglass, steel, and nylon-clad high-grade carbon steel. Nearly all of the long-tape models include a Gear Drive system that the company says rewinds three times faster than ordinary tapes.
¦ Price: $5 to $15 (power tape measures) and $16 to $90 (long tapes). 888-953-8357. www.




The 4-in-1 Ratcheting Wrench Set does the work of eight combination wrenches or sockets with just two tools. Each of the wrenches can handle four different hex-nut sizes, with 12-point sockets that offer more points of contact. The wrenches' design allows for one-handed operation to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts with minimal effort. The tools are heat-treated for increased durability and have an electronically applied coating to prevent rust.
The set is available in both metric and SAE measurements.
¦ Price: $35. 800-724-3018.




Innovative replaceable cutting tips on new Nail Eater wood-boring auger bits can save time on the job and space in a toolbox, and spare you the expense of replacing entire bits when they're damaged in use. The bit tips will cut up to 70 nails before replacement, and they cost 67 percent less over time than other auger bits (based on a 400-hole test), says the manufacturer. Tip-replacement kits include a new tip, set screw, and hex wrench for fast, easy repairs in the field.
¦ Price: $25. 800-435-0786.


General Tools & Instruments


The Seeker 400 Video Borescope System (DCS400) is designed for inspecting hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas and is ideal for builders, remodelers, home inspectors, HVAC contractors, mechanics, plumbers, and others. Its 3.5-inch TFT-LCD wireless color monitor can be detached from the unit for remote viewing up to 32 feet away, and its waterproof, flexible probe tip has adjustable LED lighting to illuminate dark spaces. The unit offers live "real-time" viewing, records still photography on a 1GB MicroSD Memory Card, and records up to three hours continuously in AVI-format video.
¦ Price: $299. 800-697-8665.


Delta Machinery


The 18-inch Laser Drill Press (18-900L) has a 16-speed (170-3,000 rpm) heavy-duty 3/4-hp motor and an adjustable twin laser that projects a bright red crosshair at the point of bit contact. Its auto-tensioning belt drive provides for fast, easy speed changes while maintaining consistent belt tension and motor alignment, says the maker. The unit's 6-inch quill stroke allows for deeper drilling applications, and micro-adjustable depth stops and an independent depth scale let users quickly zero setups for repetitive drilling. A 14-by- 20-inch slotted adjustable worktable, nontip base, and flexible LED work light are included.
¦ Price: $829. 888-223-7278.