Three all-new hose-free gas-powered finish nailers have been introduced, along with a hose-free gas framing nailer that is the first to use full round-head wire-weld nails, says Bostitch. The finish tools include a 15-gauge nailer with an angled magazine (GFN1564K), a 16-gauge straight-loader (GFN1664K), and an 18-gauge brad nailer (GTB1850K). Each of the finish nailers employs a high-pressure gas fuel cell cartridge fired by a 3.6-volt lithium-ion battery igniter. The framing nailer (GF28WW) uses a similar fuel cell fired by a 7.2-volt nicad battery. With batteries installed, each finish tool weighs less than 4.2 pounds, and the framer weighs 7.7 pounds.
¦ Price: $349 (framing nailer); $249 to $319 (finish nailers). 800-556-6696.


Bosch Measuring Tools


The GLL3-80 3-Plane Self-Leveling and Alignment Laser has no moving parts, yet it provides full-time 360-degree layout and squaring coverage on two vertical planes and one horizontal plane. Single-button function keeps operation, setup, and storage simple, and the unit displays five cross points and self-leveling lines to help eliminate errors and make leveling and squaring easier. It can be used in bright light conditions and over long distances with an optional LR2 laser receiver, and it's sold with a micro-adjustable positioning bracket.
¦ Price: $599. 877-267- 2499.




This cordless rebar-tying tool (RB397) makes code-approved wire ties in less than one second per tie with consistent strength. Its 14.4-volt 3.0-Ah lithium-ion battery ties approximately 2,000 ties per charge, up to five times more than nicad battery models, says the maker. The tool automatically triple-wraps #3 x #3 to #5 x #6 rebar with plain steel, electrogalvanized, or polyester-coated 21-gauge wire. It has a brushless electric motor, weighs just 5.2 pounds (for one-hand operation), and includes an auto-shutoff feature to extend battery life per charge.
¦ Price: $2,680. 800-223-4293.


Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.


Radical new Ax reciprocating saw blades don't look or perform like ordinary blades, says Milwaukee. In the design process, 14 variables were tweaked to create blade teeth designed for maximum performance. Unlike blades that cut fast but have poor tooth durability when they encounter nails and other obstructions, Ax blade teeth have a unique shape that, in combination with narrower gullets between the teeth, allows them to cut through nails instead of hooking onto them, resulting in faster cuts and fewer broken blade teeth, says the maker. A proprietary Fang Tip that "bites" on contact also provides more aggressive plunge-cutting.
¦ Price: $20 to $30 (five-packs). 800-729-3878.




A new Paddle Switch 4-1/2-inch Angle Grinder (GA4534) features a small-diameter (2-3/16-inch) barrel grip and light weight (4.2 pounds) for reduced operator fatigue and greater control. The tool's 6-amp 11,000-rpm motor has machined bevel gears, metal gear housing, all-ball-bearing construction, and a labyrinth cooling-port design that seals out dust and debris to deliver twice the service life of previous models, says the maker. A side handle positioned at a 20-degree angle and nonprotruding brush holders provide additional comfort and control, and the on/off paddle switch has an optional no-lock-on feature.
¦ Price: $79. 800-462- 5482.