The #10 S-Biner is about 10" long and is rated to hold 100 pounds. This is the largest model currently available and probably the best for hanging hoses and cords.
Left to right these are the #10, #8, and #6 plastic S-Biners. The S-shaped body is glass filled fiberglass and the spring-loaded gate is stainless steel.
These are just a few of the stainless steel models available. These have a black powder coat finish. Similar models are available in bright stainless steel.
The aptly named S-Biner Ahhh... doubles as a bottle opener.

Late last year a company called Nite-Ize sent samples of some of their products. I recognized a couple of items—Gear Ties because I already used them and S-Biners because I’d seen them on display at the local home center. The plastic S-Biners are oversize double-ended carabiners designed for hanging cords, hoses, and anything else that will fit through the openings.

The S-Biner is a simple device with a minimumal number of parts. It has an S-shaped glass filled nylon body (plastic) and two stainless spring-loaded gates. There isn’t actually a spring; the gates have a twist to them that causes them to snap shut.

I received the #6, #8, and #10 plastic models—which are roughly 6”, 8”, and 10” long and rated to carry 50, 75, and 100 pounds respectively. There has got to be a safety factor in there because I’ve hung from the 100-pound model to see what 160 pounds would do to it and it hardly even deflected. In day-to-day use I never came close to the weight capacity of these carabiners because I used them almost exclusively for hanging cords and hoses. That’s not to say they wouldn’t work with other items; I could see using them to hang a tool bag or bucket from a ladder or staging.

These carabiners have been out for several years and given how handy they are I feel kind of foolish for not having tried them before. Nite-Ize also makes a scaled-down all stainless steel version of these clips. As with the plastic units, these can be used to hang or secure anything that will fit through the end: keys, tools, and items with a loop or lanyard. There’s even a model that can be used as a bottle opener.

Versatile and inexpensive, S-Biners can be purchased wherever tools and sporting goods are sold. The largest plastic model (#10) sells for less than $9 online. The largest stainless steel model (#5) can be found online for less than $6. Smaller sizes cost less.

Country of origin: China