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Insane Japanese Carpentry

Tools and techniques differ by country but are especially different in Japan. More

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New Tech Japanese Timber Framing

In a surprising mix of old and new, computer-controlled machines cut house parts... More

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A Trip to the WIRE-NUT Factory

The best-known brand of twist on wire connectors is produced at a plant in... More

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7 Ancient And Amazing Air Compressors

The newest is 54 years old and the oldest 89, but none of these machines are quite ready to be retired. More

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What Not to Wear to an Arc Flash Test

Hint: that 1970s polyester jumpsuit has to go. More

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Innovative Tool Carriers

Here are nine of the best products for transporting and organizing your gear More

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Tools Up Close: Makita LXSL01 Cordless Miter Saw

Over the past decade or so, a revolution of sorts has been occurring within the... More

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Tools from the Remodeling Show

In mid-October I attended the Remodeling Show in Chicago. Among the exhibitors were a number of tool companies and I shot video of some of their tools being demonstrated. More

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Porter-Cable 371 Compact Belt Sander

There are few things more satisfying than scribing a piece of trim and having it... More


Tool Tests

Makita Rear-Handle Cordless Circular Saw

On the West Coast, rear-handle worm drives rule. Does this cordless version with a...

Tool Test: Hitachi Triple Hammer Impact Driver

Did adding a third anvil increase driving speed, beats per minute, and torque, all...

Field Tested: The Martinez M1 Titanium-Handled Hammers

Mark Martinez, the inventor of the Stiletto TiBone, has a new hammer out, and as...

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