The LaserVision Auto R from Zircon is a 360-degree rotation laser line generator that can be used for level and plumb work. The self-leveling unit has a variable speed of up to 450 rpm and features rotation and scanning modes. The unit is accurate to within 1/8 inch per 50 feet. The LaserVision Auto R is sold in a kit with a receiver, mounting bracket, and case for $800. For more information, contact Zircon, 800-245-9265;

The AccuSquare Pro offers the convenience of a precise laser tool with an affordable price, says the manufacturer, LeveLite. The tool generates two lines and utilizes two Class 3a laser diodes that extend 50 to 100 feet. The unit's metal housing includes a protractor for determining angles. Available with laser glasses, targets, batteries, and case, the tool sells for $250. For more information, contact LeveLite, 800-453-8354;

New from Hilti, the PM 24 multi-beam laser is pocket-sized and lightweight and sets up in seconds. The self-leveling unit offers one-button operation of four beams for simple, accurate positioning. The PM 24 is accurate within 1/4 inch at 60 feet and operates up to 40 hours on one set of batteries. It sells for $520. For more information, contact Hilti, 800-879-8000;

Stanley's FatMax laser combines the durability and look of the company's FatMax level with laser technology. The tool features aluminum construction, impact-resistant solid block vials, shock-absorbing end caps, and an extra large comfort grip handle. Designed for a range of indoor jobs, the tool features a beam line spreader, beam cross line, and 90-degree beam splitter adapters. It offers an accuracy of plus or minus 1/4 inch at 100 feet. The unit comes in a kit for $99. For more information, contact Stanley, 800-782-6539;

Checkpoint Laser Tools' digital Inclo-Matic series combines laser precision and LCD digital inclinometer technologies into a compact body, enabling the contractor to shoot and reference architectural or structural configurations with the visually exact laser pointer while aiming in degrees or percentages. The laser is accurate to 1/4 inch at 100 feet. The digital display has a backlight option and a hold button for locking in measurements. The DLT-680, shown, is available for $250 to $290. For more information, contact Checkpoint, 310-891-1550;

Topcon Positioning Systems now offers the RL-H3C, an automatic, self-leveling laser for elevation and machine control applications. The unit features a 600-rpm rotation speed and an accuracy of plus or minus 15 arc seconds. Designed to stand up to the rigors of the jobsite, the waterproof and dustproof tool will shut down if bumped and will operate for up to 60 hours on four "C" batteries. The RL-H3C, with receiver, sells for $895. For more information, contact Topcon, 800-443-4567;

New from Laser Tools, the L202 dual-beam laser features two beams that are accurate to within plus or minus 1/8-inch at 100 feet. The unit can generate two lines, or one line and one dot. It features a magnetic base and weather-sealed O rings. The L202 sells for $385. For more information, contact Laser Tools, 501-562-0900;

CST/berger's LMH-600 automatic self-leveling rotary laser features dual beams for horizontal and vertical plumb applications and is accurate to within 1/6 inch at 100 feet. The variable speed unit has a recommended working range of 200 feet or 1,000 feet with a detector. List price is $1,095. For more information, contact CST/berger, 800-435-1859;

Spec out Rotating Laser Levels on ebuild, the Professional's Guide to Building Products (TM).