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What is the Best Vehicle for Construction Work?
How Old is Your Work Vehicle?
How Tradesmen Outfit Their Pickups
Who Makes the Best Construction Vehicles?
Tradesmen and Their Trailers
How Tradesmen Outfit Their Vans

What are Your Favorite 18-volt tools?
Top 18-Volt Tools for Remodelers
Top 18-Volt Tools for Electricians
Top 18-Volt Tools for Repair Carpenters
Top 18-Volt Tools for Builders
Top 18-Volt Tools for Finish Carpenters

Sliding Compound Miter Saws - August 2012
Nearly every tradesman who does finish carpentry, cabinet work, or exterior trim has a sliding compound miter saw (SCMS). Which brand and type do you own and why?

Pneumatic Finish Guns - May 2012(588 responses)
Every carpenter and cabinet maker uses finish nailers. Which type do you use and what features are important to you?

Best Brands of Hand Tools - March 2012(838 responses)
We're always asking who makes the best power tools; what about hand tools?

High-Tech Tools - January 2012(482 responses)
Nearly every tradesperson uses common tools such as tapes, recip saws, and cordless drills. But what about electronic tools -- which do you use?

Who Makes the Best subcompact Cordless Tools? - December 2011(306 responses)
In recent years there has been a great proliferation of subcompact lithium-ion tools, small 10.8-volt models that the manufacturers refer by their maximum charge – which is 12 volts. We'd like to know who makes the best subcompact tools, which of them you own, and which you wish you owned.

Are Table Saws As Safe As They Ought to Be? - November 2011(788 responses)
The Consumer Product Safety Commission will be holding hearings on a rule that would require all table saws to be equipped with a safety device that stops the blade from spinning the moment it touches flesh. Currently, SawStop is the only company that makes saws with this feature, though other companies are said to be developing alternate methods for meeting the proposed requirement. Please let us know what you think of this rule by participating in our survey.

Best Vehicles For Construction Work - September 2011(1,134 responses)
There are plenty of ways to get yourself to the jobsite, but if you're going to bring tools and materials there you will need a truck, van, or some other work vehicle. Please let us know about the vehicle you drive to work.

Who Makes the Best Hammer? - August 2011(576 responses)
We're always asking readers about power tools and nail guns – but what about hammers? Please let us know what you look for in a hammer and which manufacturers make the best ones.

Stolen Tools - July 2011(705 responses)
It's a sad fact of life that there are people around who will steal just about anything, including the tools a tradesperson uses to make his or her living. Have you or anyone you know been a victim of tool theft?

Best Cordless Tool Brands - June 2011(667 responses)
There is hardly a tradesperson alive who isn't using cordless tools. Which manufacturers are doing the best job producing the 18-volt models that you need to use?

High Gasoline Prices - May 2011(229 responses)
We'd like to know what you are spending on fuel and how that is affecting your construction work or business.

Construction Laser Usage - April 2011(279 responses)
Construction lasers make it faster and easier to produce plumb, level, and square layout. What kind of lasers do you use and what do you use them for?

Best Makers of Corded Tools - March 2011(827 responses)
Cordless tools are hot, but there are still plenty of times you need tools with cords. Of the companies that make corded tools, which are the best at making the following?

Communicating From the Jobsite - February 2011(174 responses)
Cell phones and smart phones have revolutionized the way contractors and tradespeople do business. How do you use communication technology on the jobsite?

Specialty Tool Usage - January 2011(1,205 responses)
Nearly every tradesperson uses common tools such as tapes, hammers, and drills. But what about specialty items – which of the following do you own or use?

Real World Safety Practices - December 2010(945 responses)
Anyone who has worked in construction knows there is a difference between the safety practices people are supposed to follow and the way things are done the jobsite. We'd like to get a sense of what tradespeople are actually doing.

Cordless Tools You'd Like to See - November 2010(102 responses)
Manufacturers are constantly introducing new cordless tools and we'd like to hear your opinion of how they are doing.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Product Survey-October 2010(1882 responses)
Tool manufacturers are always asking us what our readers are looking for in tools and technology. Our initial survey in 2007 was so successful, we thought we'd try asking again.

Tool Buyer's Economic Survey- September 2009(378 responses)
We want to know how the recession has affected your tool purchasing decisions.

Nail Pricing Survey - February 2008(28 responses)
The January 16, 2008 anti-dumping ruling on nail imports by the U.S. Department of Commerce caused nail prices to jump an average of 30% within days of the announcement. Readers told us how it affected their business.

GPS Useage Survey- January 2008(419 responses)
Portable GPS units and wireless services delivered to cell phones and Blackberries offer unprecedented convenience for construction professionals needing to find their way to jobsites, suppliers, banks, and home. Readers told us how GPS technology has impacted them.

Power Tools: How Low Will You Go? - December 2007(310 responses)
Readers provided feedback on their use of brand-name, quality tool brands vs. cheaper, lower-brand tools.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Product Usage Survey - May 2007(536 responses)
Tool manufacturers are always asking us what our readers are looking for in tools and technology. Readers told us- and them- exactly what they want in new tools by sharing preferences and weighing in on which factors influence tool purchases.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Reader Survey- May 2007(52 responses)
Here at TOOLS we aim to please. Our survey was designed to learn more about what readers want to see from our magazine and online.