• Steve Richman, Bosch

    Steve Richman believes that combining superior engineering with an understanding of end users' needs will make Bosch the global leader he envisions.

  • Cadillac Pump Jacks

    If you're tired of fighting with your rusty old pump jacks or trying to squeeze one more job out of those twisted, chewed-up double 2x4 poles, consider upgrading to one of the state-of-the-art aluminum scaffolds made by Alum-A-Pole or Qual-Craft Industries. Your crews will be faster, safer, and...

  • Breathe Easy

    Scott Phillips of 'The American Woodshop' outlines a common-sense approach to dust collection in small shops.

  • Jobsite Laser Level

    The Jobsite line of laser levels from LeveLite is priced for the cost-conscious contractor.

  • Waterloo Industries Modular Workshop

    Waterloo Industries introduces adaptable modular workstations for large and small power tools.

  • Cutting Fiber Cement Siding

  • Rent the Big Stuff

  • 1/2-Inch Right-Angle Drills

    I've been a plumber and electrician so long, I could've wired Ben Franklin's key to his kite. I plumb and wire both stick and timber frames, and right-angle drills are perfect for my roughing-in tasks because they fit well between joists and studs. These brutes will drill big, deep holes in...