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    Wynn Win Situation

    Portable workstation perfect for trim carpenter.

  • Choosing Sawblades

  • Station Masters

    No matter what you build or how you organize your crew, you can't go wrong setting up a central cutting station. You may be like me and work on top of an old door with folding legs, or work on 2x12 planks set on sawhorses. But if you get tired of rebuilding these job-built stations, or worse--if...

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    Born to Build

    As a kid I knew every construction site within reach of my beat-up bike.

  • Laser Levels

  • 6-Inch Right-Angle Sanders

    I've done my fair share of sanding through the years, but it wasn't until I built boats that I learned the true meaning of the word. Sanding projects were no longer measured in hours, but in long, dusty days and even agonizing weeks. I quickly learned to appreciate sanders that were not only...

  • Framing Hammers

  • Tribute and Remembrance