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    18- Volt Cordless Jigsaws

    These tools are a viable alternative to corded models for intermittent cutting

  • Hilti TE 30-A36 Cordless Rotary Hammer

Hilti is so confident in the power and performance of its latest 36-volt cordless SDS-plus 1-inch rotary hammer, its promoting the tool by running it against similar-sized corded tools. And not just the competitions corded tools  against Hiltis own corded models, too. According to the company, the TE30-A36 can drill and chip up to 40% faster than the largest corded SDS Plus hammers available and handily beats even SDS-max hammers of the same weight class. This standout tool is seen as an important step on the path to the cordless job sites Hilti envisions for the future.

In addition to power and speed, the tool has superior runtime. The maker claims it can drill 35 holes 34 inch by 8 inches deep in concrete on a single charge, a feat made possible by the combination of a brushless motor and a 36-volt, 6.0 amp-hour battery  the highest Ah rating weve seen to date. This three-mode combination hammer has Hiltis active torque-control and vibration-reduction systems to protect users from injuries due to bit binding and vibration. Price: $1,599. 800-879-8000. us.hilti.com.

    2013 Editors' Choice Awards

    Every year, Tools of the Trade takes the opportunity to recognize standout tools that caught our attention during the previous year. Some rose to the top during testing, while others impressed us as being a leap forward in technology, design, or features that define the current state of the art...

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    Skil Mag77LT Saw

    This spring Skil released an upgraded wormdrive saw that the company says is 4 pounds lighter than the very popular SHD77.

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    Max RB397 Rebar Tier

    The grapple-like jaws of this cordless tool tie rebar so fast you can barely see it happen.

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    Bosch TC10 10- Inch Wet Tile and Stone Saw

    The TC10 has the capacity to cut 24-inch tile and can also make plunge and bevel cuts but is light enough to be carried by one person.

  • A push-button switch starts the tool and toggles through high, medium, and low speeds (the other button stops the tool). The sander takes 5-inch 8-hole hook-and-loop disks.

    Makita Cordless Random Orbit Sander

    This 18-volt tool is about a half-pound heavier than comparable corded models, but it feels similar in use.

  • Ace Carpenter pants have an incredible number of loops, pockets, and other storage options. The Jubilee pants are similar but are made from a lighter fabric.

    Björnkläder Work Pants

    These Scandinavian-designed work pants have built-in sleeves for holding kneepads, waist-level nail pouches, and all kinds of specialized pockets.

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    Pencil Sculpture

    For more than 25 years, Bridgeport, Conn., carpenter Dalton Ghetti has been carving pencil lead into miniature sculptures.

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    Wiley X Gravity Safety Sunglasses

    These glasses have a removable flame-resistant foam seal around the lens area that keeps eyes safe from sawdust and other debris.

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    Senco SNS200XP Stapler

    This medium crown stapler fires 16- and 17-gauge 7/16-inch staples from 1 to 2 inches in length.

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    Ridgid Power Inverter

    This one-stop clean-power source stores in the glove box and provides up to 100 watts to items like laptops, tablets, cellphones, and battery chargers.

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    Richelieu TransRoller

    This handling trolley makes it possible to quickly and easily move heavy and awkward objects like sheet goods and I-beams.

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    Muck Chore Cool Boots

    These boots are lined with XpressCool fabric, which absorbs moisture and creates a cooling effect as it dries.

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    Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light

    This small LED work light can be placed on a surface, used hand-held, or hung from an adjustable hook.

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    Max 15-Gauge Finish Gun

    The NF665/15 is sleek and slim and weighs just under 4 pounds.

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    Markal Quik Stik Mini

    This small pen can apply a line of quick-drying UV-resistant paint to nearly any surface.

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    Makita Cordless Plate Joiner

    The LXJP02 is portable and maneuverable, yet still has the power to do the job.

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    Lufkin Control Tape

    This new tape has a cut-away on the underside of the housing that allows you to regulate the speed of return by pressing your index finger against the bottom of the blade.

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    Klein Rolling Tool Bag

    This rolling bag has a telescoping handle and can hold up to 200 pounds.

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    Hilti Hollow Drill Bits

    These bits allow you to collect dust with a vacuum while drilling holes in concrete.

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    General Tools’ iBorescope

    The iBorescope creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot and uses a free app to transmit images to any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

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    DeWalt DCF680 Gyroscopic Driver

    This tool has no trigger; instead, it senses the rotation of your wrist and spins the bit in that direction.

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    Checkpoint 3D DMS Level

    This laser in this level can be rotated within the body to project sloped and level lines.

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    Bostitch Light-Gauge Steel Sheathing Gun

    This pneumatic coil nailer is designed for fastening plywood and gypsum sheathing to metal studs.

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    Bosch 18-Volt OMT

    This is the first oscillating multi-tool with a brushless motor.

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    Bjornklader Jubilee Tool Pocket Vest

    Made of reinforced cotton, the vest is designed to maximize both comfort and storage.

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    3M Tekk WorkTunes

    This earmuff headset allows you to listen to music while protecting your hearing from construction noise.

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    Bihlerflex Adjust-a-Strap 6-in-1 Adjustable Bungee

    This 36-inch bungee has six holes along its length, so you can change its length by hooking it back on itself.