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    Tool Test: Sliding Miter Saws

    Whether it's into wood or your wallet, large sliding miter saws make the biggest cuts, so we tested them to help you invest wisely. The seven 12-inch, dual-compound sliding miter saws in this test are the best of each player in the field, and we couldn't resist throwing in a brand new, 10-1/4-inch...

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    Toolbelt Diva: Norma Vally

    Some girls like dolls, others like ponies. Norma Vally liked tools. The Brooklyn native remembers helping her father with fix-it projects as a very young girl, 'whatever age a kid can hold a tool,' she says, which turns out to be a great background, given her current status as the 'Toolbelt Diva'...

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    Re-Do-It Yourself

    I used to build a lot of second homes for lawyers, stock traders, accountants, and a couple of TV and movie execs. And based on the frequent calls I received during the week from their New York, Boston, and L.A. offices, it was clear that their minds were never far from their projects. They'd show...

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    Tool Test: Portable Miter Saw Stands

    The miter saws weren't the only tools on the spot. We tested saw stands of the lightweight, folding-leg, sawhorse type; more elaborate convertible, collapsible, rolling stand designs; and a more stationary multipiece stand. Besides evaluating their use in the shop and on the job, we devised a...

  • Product Watch: Hand Tools

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    Truckin' Around: New Ram Pickups

    The automotive media recently got a peek at the re-engineered Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks, scheduled to roll out in September as 2009 model-year vehicles. Two words sum up this top-to-bottom redesign: vehicle envy.

  • July/August 2008 Hot Finds

    Cleaning paint rollers, trays, and brushes often isn't worth the time or trouble, but throwaway tools are an expense that adds up. Shur-Line's new Teflon-coated roller covers, trays, and brushes for latex and oil paints and stains come clean so easily that even dried paint peels off without residue...

  • Supplying Green Builders

    GreenSpot, a tool, hardware, lumber, and building supplies dealer in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, Colo., wants to be all green to all builders.

  • Toolmakers Face 'Difficult' Year

    The ongoing slump in housing credit and sales is affecting every sector of the home building industry, including manufacturers of tools and other products used in construction.

  • How Green Is Your Truck?

    Here's something to add to your list of sustainable practices: When your old pickup finally wears out, it's almost 100% recyclable.

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    Tool Test: 12-Inch Miter Saws

    Miter saws have come a long way from their humble beginnings. I remember the heyday of the 9-inch blade, direct-drive Rockwell 'Motorized Miter Box,' with a particleboard sub-base and a thumb-pressed brake. It was my introduction to using a miter saw some 30 years ago.

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    First Test: Stiletto Airgrip

    Stiletto Tools has come up with an ultra-grippy rubber tool handle cover with cold-shrink technology. Unlike heat-shrink tubing that can melt or cause you to char your tool handles, the Airgrip material simply shrinks into place at room temperature.

  • First Test: The New Nail Bangers

    Tools of the Trade rounded up nine waffle-faced framing hammers from around the globe and put them out on a Colorado jobsite with 15 framers, lead by regular contributor Michael Davis, to see how they'd stack up. Here's what we learned, in order of increasing appreciation.

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    First Test: Work Sharp WS3000 Sharpening System

    I tested the Work Sharp WS3000 in my small boat-building shop, sharpening the hand tools I use to make cedar-strip canoes, guide boats, and kayaks. I have always sharpened my tools by hand, and thought I sharpened them well until I tried the Work Sharp. This tool let me sharpen tools to a finer...

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    Product Watch: Snap-On Variable Length Extensions

    Snap-On's Variable Length Extensions get you into tight spaces with a socket wrench and adjust to the length needed as you tighten or loosen bolts.

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    Product Watch: Starrett ProSite Combination Protractor

    From the historic company that brought us the Combination Square comes the ProSite Combination Protractor (CP505A-12), a 5-in-1 layout device designed for measuring and transferring angles.

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    Product Watch: SOG Contractor 2x4 Knife

    The Contractor 2x4 from SOG is a knife of many trades.

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    Product Watch: Klein-Kurve Bent Nose NM Strippers

    Three new Bent Nose NM Strippers are now part of the Klein-Kurve line.

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    Product Watch: FastCap Folding Pocket Chisel

    FastCap's new folding Pocket Chisel will ride easily in your tool pouch, and the nylon handle protects the sharp edge from dulling or cutting its way through your pouch and into your leg.

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    Product Watch: Professional Tool Manufacturing Ratcheting Hex Key Wrench

    Professional Tool Manufacturing debuts the multipurpose, compact Ratcheting Hex Key Wrench.

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    Product Watch: Blue Spruce Toolworks Chisels

    Blue Spruce Toolworks chisels are made to order for the finest of detailing work, according to the company.

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    Product Watch: Irwin Mach6 Chalk Reel

    Among several new chalk reels from Irwin is the Mach6, with a redesigned body and steel handle with a larger center clutch.

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    Product Watch: C.H. Hanson Slide Square Layout Tool

    C.H. Hanson introduces a compact, new multifunction layout tool made of tough polystyrene that'll make a nice addition to your tool pouch.

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    Product Watch: Marshalltown DURAdjust Brick Trowel

    Marshalltown's new DURAdjust brick trowel has a dial that lets the user adjust the handle's diameter throughout its length, from just below the smallest on the market to just about the largest, for personalized comfort.

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    Product Watch: Bessey K-Body REVO Clamp

    Fans of the Bessey K-Body clamp that is being discontinued need not worry, according to the maker.

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    Product Watch: Veritas Small Router Plane

    If you need to cut small recesses, grooves, or dadoes, Veritas offers this small router plane for fine woodworking.

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    Hot Finds: Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive Underlayment Driver

    Simpson Strong-Tie has added a new extension tool to its Quik Drive power driver line for installing cement board, fiber-cement board, and gypsum panel underlayments.

  • Hot Finds: Shur-Line Teflon-Coated Paint Gear

    Cleaning paint rollers, trays, and brushes often isn't worth the time or trouble, but throwaway tools are an expense that adds up.