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Update: 5-Inch Random Orbit Sanders

7 of the 9 tools in this 2010 test are still available. More

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Heavy Lifters

Telehandlers resemble forklifts, but they have telescoping booms and the ability to drive on rough terrain. More

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Ad for Organ Donation Makes Clever Use of a Power Tool

Dear DIYer: If you can't be bothered to read the tool manual then at least fill... More

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The 21st Century Hardhat

This high-tech helmet protects your noggin from falling objects but also functions as a video recorder, camera, and 3-D mapping device. More

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Hilti to Move Its North American HQ to Texas

After 35 Years in Tulsa Hilti is headed to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. More

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Could Fiat + Mitsubishi = 2017 Ram Dakota?

Mitsubishi has agreed to produce midsize pickups for FCA (Fiat Chrysler... More

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Corded Impact Driver

Unlike cordless drivers, it never peters out while driving a screw. More

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Cartoon Loving Boy Almost Kills a Construction Worker

The noise from a construction worker’s drill was interfering with a 10-year old... More

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‘Unlawfully Advertised’ 2x4s Cost Lowe’s $1.6M

Non-standard products were labeled with nominal dimensions reserved for sawn... More

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Werner Aluminum Pump- Jack System

The aluminum jacks in this pump-jack system ride on structural aluminum poles instead of doubled 2x4s, eliminating the experience of scary rides down the poles. More


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