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Tradesmen’s Favorite Hand Tools

Here’s what 731 tradesmen told us about their preferred brands of 6 common tools. More

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I Brake for Brake Racks

I'm still kicking myself over not having a camera with me the time I was at the lumber yard and parked next to a restored 1950s pickup with a custom-made stainless steel rack on it. More

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Tools from the Remodeling Show

In mid-October I attended the Remodeling Show in Chicago. Among the exhibitors were a number of tool companies and I shot video of some of their tools being demonstrated. More

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Tools from the Remodeling Show 2011: Tapco Anniversary Brake

John Miller of Tapco Tools used a short version of the Anniversary Brake to show me how to make a number of different flashings: sill pans, head flashings, and a brick mold trim for use with replacement windows. More

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Truckin' Around: GM Rolls Out New Heavy-Duty Silverado and Sierra Pickups

When General Motors recently previewed its completely revamped Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy-Duty pickups to automotive journalists, the event included a display of stripped chassis that allowed the media to compare the previous models side-by-side with the new ones. Last year's versions were supremely capable work vehicles, among the best trucks ever built. But the 2011 pickups are an awesome step up in just about every capacity. More

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Truckin' Around: GM Rolls Out New Heavy-Duty Silverado and Sierra Pickups

Turnabout is fair play in the automotive business, so after Ford and then Dodge gave their heavy-duty pickup lines a top-to-tailgate remodel, truck buyers could guess that it wouldn't be long before General Motors' fleet of HD work vehicles would get an overhaul as well. More

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Alum-A-Pole Alum-A-Brake Ultima Plus Bending Brake

Shape aluminum and vinyl coil stock with the Alum-A-Brake Ultima Plus bending brake. More

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Rod Chomper RCBE-6

Trade professionals often talk about 'the right tool for the job.' When it comes... More

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Launch Time: Panasonic 21.6V Drill Driver

The 21.6V Drill Driver from Panasonic (model EY7460LN2S) delivers 575 inch-pounds... More

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7-1/4-Inch Circular Saws

When I field-tested 12 new models, I checked-out depth and bevel adjustments, guard operations, view of the cut line, and, of course, power. I also looked for features like easy blade changes, electric brakes, adequate dust ejection, and comfort. More


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