Construction Safety

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Better Push Pads and Hockey Pucks

A high-friction rubber film and hockey pucks help you work more safely. More

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Gargoyles Safety Glasses

After months of testing, a framer from the Northwest shares his views on the... More

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Three Work Gloves Reviewed

A framing carpenter takes a look at HexArmor warm- and cold-weather work gloves... More

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Redwing CrV Work Boots

A new line of lighter more flexible boots with an anatomically correct foot bed.  More

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Jobsite Safe Wedding Bands

Don’t laugh! A ring can cost you a finger—or worse. More

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What’s an arm, eye, or a finger worth?

Workers comp benefits vary greatly between states; the amount paid for an injury... More

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Keen's Destin, Aurora, and Braddock Work Boots

Steel toe boots don’t have to look or feel like steel toe boots. More

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SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

Flesh-sensing safety technology will soon be available on portable models. More

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The 21st Century Hardhat

This high-tech helmet protects your noggin from falling objects but also functions as a video recorder, camera, and 3-D mapping device. More

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According to OSHA, Brett Collins’ Life Was Worth $2,363

A miniscule fine was imposed for a safety violation that led to the death of a 20 year old man on a jobsite in Wyoming, so his family went to the legislature to make sure the next guy's life does not come as cheap. More


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Two Wedge-Style Work Boots

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Occidental Leather Framer Set Toolbelt

Carpenter and former editor Mark Clement takes a look at Occidental’s...

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On the West Coast, rear-handle worm drives rule. Does this cordless version with a...

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