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How to Cut a Japanese Scarf Joint

Here’s one amazing feat of craftsmanship you that requires you actually beat it... More

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Half-Lapping Deck Boards

Using a track saw, a circular saw, a trim router, and a few hand tools, Jesse De... More

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Scribing Wood to Stone

An angle grinder does the easy work of hogging out material; your scribing skills... More

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Senco’s Hidden Deck Fastener System

Installing hidden deck fasteners just got a lot faster.   More

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National Nail Camo Edge Pro

The Camo Edge Pro is an innovative way to install decking with hidden screws. It’s... More

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A Deck Builder’s Jobsite Drone

Some folks would say this isn’t a tool. But it is. More

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Track Saws for Deck Builders

Cabinet makers and flooring installers are not the only tradesmen who can benefit from the use of these tools. More

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Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter

An O-ring and free spinning collar prevent this depth stop from marring the work. More

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Web Headline Goes Here

This is the abstract. More

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A Deck Builder's Tool Kit

These specialized tools boost productivity and quality. More


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Mark Martinez, the inventor of the Stiletto TiBone, has a new hammer out, and as...

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