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Diablo Framing and Demolition Blade

Diablo Tools has a new demo blade that's designed specifically for both framing... More

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The Hammer Just Got Way Better

Mark Martinez, the inventor of the all-titanium hammer, has come out with his next... More

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Groz Indestructible Handle Sledgehammer

The only two requirements for a sledgehammer are that it’s good at smashing things... More

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Demo-Dek Demolition Tool

For speedy deck demo, this tough tool is hard to beat More

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One Man, One Sledge Hammer, One 60’ Concrete Silo

If a silo needs to come down – well, you do it the best way you know how. Lucky for this fellow he wasn't crushed by falling concrete panels More

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A Trip to the Recip Blade Factory

The Lenox plant in East Longmeadow MA produces recip saw blades, hole saws, band saw blades, and a number of other items. This story focuses on recip saw blades. More

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Crescent 18-Inch Indexing Flat Bar

The curved head of this pry bar can be pivoted and locked into 16 different... More

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Crescent Adjustable Pry Bar

Pulls nails, pries, and strikes like a hammer More

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Goldblatt RamRod Impact Tool

This spring-loaded hand tool breaks brick, concrete, asphalt, tile, and other... More

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Shape Shifting Prybar

It's great when you can see someone demonstrate a tool, and without them saying a word — know exactly how cool it is. More


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