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Thermite Welding Railroad Track

Unlike conventional welding methods, this makes use of a readily ignited aluminum-based powder. More

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The Ultimate Dump Trailer

This manufactured trailer has all the bells and whistles and appears to do everything except load itself. More

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Three Scary Table Saws

A tool company lawyer’s nightmare: crank-start gasoline engines, exposed belts and flywheels, and a gnarly-looking power feed. More

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The Coolest Outfeed Table Ever

A hydraulic lift cart makes a great outfeed table—especially one that is cleverly modified with bicycle parts. More

DumperDogg Polymer Truck Inserts
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DumperDogg Polymer Truck Inserts

DumperDogg's polymer truck bed inserts turns your pickup truck into a dump truck... More

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Moving a House Using Muscle Power Alone

How many people does it take to move a house? Evidently, about 80. More

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Hydraulic Pipe Benders Explained – Well, Sort Of

These tools fall into the category of “bet you didn’t know such a thing existed.” More

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What Not to Put in Your Nailer

If your nail gun goes “Fssst” when you squeeze the trigger, it could mean you are treating it wrong. More


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A few small improvements yield a lighter, better-balanced saw than its predecessor.

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