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SB&D Buys Craftsman Brand for $900M

The world’s largest tool company just acquired an iconic brand in an unusual deal More

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7 Cool and Unusual Tools From the 2016 STAFDA Show

Darth Vader’s face shield, strange hammers, and an $11,000 tool support. More

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Industry Shakeup: Major Tool Brands Up for Sale

Lenox, Irwin, Craftsman, Skil, and Skilsaw may soon have new owners. More

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A New Ruling in the SawStop vs. Bosch Lawsuit

Despite an Administrative Law Judge ruling in favor of SawStop, REAXX is still... More

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A Win in Court for Makers of Flesh-Sensing Technology

In Florida last week a federal judge ruled against the manufacturer of Ryobi table... More

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An Exoskeleton for Construction Workers

Ekso Bionics is building an exoskeleton that helps construction workers carry and... More

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Excellence? It’s in the Bag

Darryl Thurner's quest for better tool bags eventually led him to found a company... More

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World’s Top Tool Company Seeks to Conquer the Developing World

What one global investment advisor knows about tool companies that most of us do... More

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Home Depot Preps for an Onslaught of Burners

Where do you go for supplies on your way to the world’s freakiest event? That’s... More

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Lowe’s and Hitachi Freeze out Home Depot

A tool company and big box store agree to become exclusive—sort of.  More


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