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What Stick Welding has in Common with Clams

5 things you need to know to perform this most macho and cerebral of trades.  More

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Old-Time Welding

Could be your grandma or grandpa saw this vocational film, learned to weld, and... More

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The Hammer Man

You’ll never look at hammers the same way again after seeing Brent Bailey make... More

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Will Repairing the Aluminum Body of the New F-150 Break the Bank?

Edmunds hammers home the cost of repairs by taking an 8-pound sledge to a 2015... More

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Milwaukee M18 Metal Shears

Three 18-volt cordless models designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. More

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Klein Drill Tap Tool Kit

This clever combination tool allows you to drill and tap metal in a single operation. More

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Thermite Welding Railroad Track

Unlike conventional welding methods, this makes use of a readily ignited aluminum-based powder. More

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18-Volt Cordless Angle Grinders

These angle grinders won’t come close to replacing a corded version for all-day... More

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Next Generation Demo Demon Recip Blades

Are carbide-tipped recip saw blades a thing? Oh yes. More

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Milwaukee M18 10-ton Knockout Kit

The cordless knockout tool can punch 4-inch holes in 12-gauge stainless steel. More


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