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D-Cut Fiber Cement Cutter

Charlie Zhang of D-Cut Products demonstrates some of the features of his SC-500... More

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Skil’s Fiber-Cement Saw

A re-designed shroud and well design vacuum hookup and hose should help control... More

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The Gecko Gauge

This tool makes it faster and easier to install siding and won’t mar prefinished... More

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Bullet Tools EZ Shear

The SST 26 can cleave a saw-quality cut through siding materials up to 1-18 inches... More

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SBC Cedar-Shingle Installation Tool

A fully adjustable system specifically designed for making shingle ledgers More

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Malco FCC4 Guillotine Shear

Cut fiber-cement siding without a cloud of hazardous dust with the FCC4 Guillotine... More

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Launch Time 2009: Midwest Tool Siding Combo-Tool

The Vinyl/Aluminum Siding Combo-Tool (model MW-CT) is two products in one – so you... More

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PacTool International Siding Gauges

Hang fiber-cement siding by yourself and guarantee the right exposure with a pair... More

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Malco Products Sider

If a speed square is a framer's go-to layout tool, Malco's Sider is the equivalent... More

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Cutting Fiber Cement Siding

This stuff is tough to work with, but toolmakers are finding ways to ease the pain and control the dust. More


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