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Why Are So Many Construction Workers Committing Suicide?

A new report from the CDC places laborers in construction among those most at risk... More

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Do You Work in One of the Deadliest Jobs in America?

More than 13 Americans die from work-related injuries each day. It might sound... More

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How to Bring Young Blood to the Construction Labor Force

HomeAdvisor identifies some barriers that builders face in filling construction... More

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A Strange Motorized Work Station

Part toolbox, part work bench, and part golf cart—this one-of-a-kind contraption is all incredible. More

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Could a Robot Replace You?eaxyawrztaccvtaxfraexavutudzyvawd

This 5-foot mechanical wonder can drive, climb ladders, and move 2x4s. More

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What’s the Best Trade?

CareerCast just released a list of the top 200 careers for 2014—many of them in the trades. More

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Letter to the editor: Nail Gun Safety

A university professor takes issue with my attitude about safety, saying I blamed the victim of a shot to the heart with a nail gun when I should have focused on the tool. More

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70 Years of Riveting

Not convinced the ladies are cut out to use tools? Well then talk to this one – she’s been at it since 1942. More

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Kiss Me—I'm a Tradesman

National Tradesmen Day promotes the idea that we as a country need to train more skilled tradesmen because there will be a severe shortage when the current generation of tradesmen retire. More

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How Would You Rank Your Trade?

In their annual Jobs Rated Report, rates professions based on income, work environment, stress, and hiring outlook. The list below is a selection of jobs from the 2013 report. More

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