Two TSTAK boxes clipped on top of a TSTAK Cart
TSTAK Trolley with three boxes on it. Note the strap that encircles the boxes and holds them tight to the handle.
The trolley has a telescoping handle. The yellow clips engage with the box being carried and hold it against the base.
To make the trolley easier to store, the telescoping handle can be collapsed and folded flat against the base.

A year ago this spring we published a story about modular tool organizers and in it author Greg Burnet said of the TSTAK boxes, “a dedicated cart with a means to secure boxes would be a welcome addition” to the system. A few months later at media event the TSTAK product manager showed me some prototypes of a trolley and cart that were under development. The TSTAK Trolley (DWST178888) and TSTAK Cart (DWST17889) are now both out—and are proving to be welcome additions.

There is not a lot to the cart—and really, there doesn’t need to be. It consists of four 360-degree pivoting wheels, a molded plastic top, and some clips that can be latched to the sides of a TSTAK to keep it from falling off. With one or more boxes on top, you can roll the cart around the shop or jobsite instead of lugging those items around. When you get where you’re going you can lock two of the wheels so the cart stays put. I have a TSTAK Cart and it works as advertised.

The TSTAK trolley is a dolly that can be clipped to TSTAK boxes in the same manner as the cart described above. It has a plastic base, four wheels, and a telescoping aluminum handle. The small wheels on front pivot 360 degrees and are lockable; the large wheels on back are air filled for a smoother when rolling over obstructions. It’s not enough to clip a stack of boxes to the base, so the handles include a horizontal strap that can be wrapped around the boxes. When the trolley is not in use the handle can be collapsed and folded against the base so it takes up less space.

TSTAK Cart (DWST17889) Specs
Capacity: 220 pounds
Size (L x W x H): 18.9” x 7.0” x 16.9”
Weight: 7.1 pounds
Country of origin: Israel
Web price: $45

TSTAK Trolley (DWST178888) Specs
Capacity: 220 pounds
Size (L x W x H):
Country of origin: Israel
Web price: $129