You wouldn’t think there would be a way to improve on something as simple as a job box and yet Knaack somehow did when they designed the model 4830-D Jobsite Chest with Junk Trunk. The improvement comes from the addition of one simple feature, a shallow drawer (Junk Trunk) that slides out from the front of the box. The drawer is a good place to store small and delicate items that could be lost or damaged if you threw them in with the nail guns, compressors, and other large items that go in the main compartment.

By filling the lower portion of the box the drawer makes the main compartment shallower, so it’s easier to load and unload (you don’t need to bend as far to reach the bottom). The drawer and lid lock separately so there’s the option to key the compartments differently and control who has access to each. The box is 48” x 30” x 35” and the full depth drawer if 5” tall. It’s made in the USA and has an MSRP of $803.