Recognizing the need for a tool carrier that can do double duty as a work stool, Milwaukee developed the 13" Work Box, a square tool box with a removable lid that functions as a comfortable seat. The top is at a convenient height for seated work and has a v-groove that can be used to steady pipe and conduit as it is being cut. The interior storage space contains a divider, a removable tray, and a removable vertical tool holder. Made from high impact plastic, the box has reinforced corners and is said to be able to survive over 1,000 drops while carrying a 25-pound load. The box is designed to stack and the lid has a drip ledge to prevent rain and debris from getting inside. This is the second in a new line of Milwaukee storage boxes; the first was a more conventional 26-inch work box that was released this spring.

My take: The 13" Work Box is clearly intended to replace the drywall buckets so often used by tradesmen as tool boxes and seats. I have yet to see this box in person but can tell by looking it would be sturdier, more comfortable to sit on, and due to its divider and trays—easier to keep organized than a bucket. Its handle is wider than that of a drywall bucket and would no doubt be more comfortable to use when carrying heavy loads.

13” Jobsite Work Box (48-22-8010) Specs
Size (L x W x H): 13” x 13” x 16”
Country of origin: USA
Available: August 2014
Price: $30