You’d have to look pretty hard to find a guy (or for that matter, some gals) who doesn’t appreciate a cool flashlight, knife, or storage case. The Pelican ProGear 9000 combines two of the three; it’s a waterproof storage case with built-in LED lights. If it had a blade it would be on its way to being the perfect gizmo.

I haven’t used this particular Pelican box, but if it’s anything like the others it will be tough and resistant to water. According to the manufacturer the ProGear 9000 floats and has an ingress protection rating of IPX6—meaning it hasn’t been tested for dust intrusion but you could blast it from all directions with a hose discharging 100 liters per minute and no water would get.

Like most Pelican boxes, the ProGear 9000 is aimed more at the sportsman and traveler than at the contractor—though there may be some small/delicate items in your vehicle or tool kit that would benefit by being stored in one of these cases. The built-n light would be bonus. I store electronic gear in a couple of the company’s smaller boxes; the mic for my video cam lives in one of them.

The ProGear 9000 appeals to me for the same reasons as Bosch’s GLI PortaLED (available in Europe but not the U.S.); it combines two of my favorite things, light and storage. Now all it needs is a blade—and perhaps to be larger.

ProGear 9000 Specs

Dimensions (LxWxD): 8”x5”x2.5”
Lights: Dual-LED
Light settings H/M/L: 200/100/20 lumens
Power source: 4AA batteries in lid compartment
Runtime: up to 2 hours in high mode
Case material: high-impact polymer
Includes: built-in attachment hook and aluminum carabineer
Colors: yellow or black
Price: $60