This European model jigsaw (GST 10.8 V-LI Professional) takes what we would call a 12V Max battery. It has an 11/16” stroke, orbital cutting action, and produces 1,500-2,800 strokes per minute.
This European model circular saw (GKS 10.8 V-LI Professional) takes what we would call a 12V Max battery and spins the 3 3/8” blade at 1,400 RPM.

Stuart Deutsch found these tools on Bosch’s German website and posted a story about them on the ToolGuyd website. It bears repeating that just because these tools are sold in Europe does not mean they will ever be sold here. And if they do make it to the U.S. market there’s no guarantee it will be anytime soon.

Still, it’s interesting to see what Bosch is up to. This is their first major 12V Max line expansion in a while. In addition to a previously announced subcompact brushless drill and screwdriver, they are introducing a jigsaw, circular saw, and rotary tool. That Bosch is pushing forward with 10.8/12-volt lithium-ion tools is encouraging; they invented the category, and yet in recent years it has come to be dominated by other companies—Milwaukee in particular. Let’s hope these are just the first of many new subcompact tools from Bosch (and others) that make it to this country.