Product Briefs

  • Roan Dust Collecting Circular Saw

    This 7 1/4-inch saw uses cyclonic action and a washable filter to collect dust without the use of a vac.

  • Bosch Industrial Sealant Knife

    This new OMT accessory is designed to speed the removal of caulk and sealant.

  • Milwaukee FUEL Circular Saw

    This brushless saw is said to cut faster and offer more runtime than conventional cordless models.

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    Freud Track Saw Blades

    These replacement blades fit most saws and are readily available.

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    Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw

    A strobed LED makes for better accuracy and interchangeable foot plates for greater flexibility.

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    Panasonic EY45A1LS1G Cordless Recip Saw

    Tools in this series can be powered by the company's 14.4- and 18-volt batteries.

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    DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw

    A compact circular saw that weighs less than 9 pounds.

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    Ridgid Tile Saw

    The R4030 is a high-capacity 7-inch tile saw that sells at a very low price point

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    Dustless Technologies SawBuddie

    Dust-free cutting with a recip saw may be possible after all

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    Bullet Tools EZ Shear

    The SST 26 can cleave a saw-quality cut through siding materials up to 1-1<2044>8 inches thick

  • Woodworking Blades

    Irwin's sub-brand Marples, a name best known for chisels, has just released a new line of thin-kerf woodworking blades engineered for clean cuts and long life.

  • Cordless Cutter

    Milwaukee's new M12 Cable Cutters are a nice alternative to manual cutters, which require a lot of muscle power and can be difficult to use within the confines of an electrical panel.

  • 12-Inch Miter Saw

    Like the small table saw Bosch released last year, the 12-inch CM12 chop saw was designed with portability and capability in mind.

  • Air-Powered Shingle Cutter

    Making crisp, straight cuts in asphalt shingles with a utility knife can be tricky in warm weather and downright tough when it's cold.

  • Universal Rip Fence

    Track saws are good for ripping sheets of plywood, but the tracks are long and the systems require a dedicated saw.

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    DeWalt DWE357 corded reciprocating saw

    DeWalt has given the corded reciprocating saw a makeover with the release of the DWE357.

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    GoSaw vertical panel saws

    Though they're great for cutting sheet goods, vertical panel saws are not known for their portability.

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    Swanson Savage Jab Saw (SVK666) two-position jab-saw blade

    The Swanson Savage Jab Saw (SVK666) is the Swiss army knife of the drywall trade.

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    Porter-Cable Clamp Saw

    A number of companies have released small 12-volt reciprocating saws, but the Porter-Cable Clamp Saw is the first one that actually holds onto the material for you.

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    Oregon PowerNow 40V MAX Chain Saw

    It's not always easy to get a chain saw started, and all that tugging on a pull cord can get pretty frustrating.

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