Product Briefs

  • Innovative Tool Carriers

    Here are nine of the best products for transporting and organizing your gear

  • Magnetic Work Light

    Magnalight has just released a new magnetically mounted halogen work light, the WAL-M-500-120.

  • Diagnostic Pouch

    Primarily intended as a pouch for HVAC diagnostic tools, Veto Pro Pac's TP3 could work for anyone in need of a compact tool bag.

  • Comfy Harness

    Safety harnesses are known for two things: saving lives and being uncomfortable.

  • Cordless Fan

    Whether they're dispersing fumes from floor poly or simply cooling things off when it's hot, fans are an essential piece of job-site equipment.

  • Modular Organizers

    To help with the constant struggle of tool organization, DeWalt has released its new TSTAK line of tool-boxes.

  • Back-Saving Ladder Cart

  • Strap Organizer

    Ratchet straps are great for securing a load on a pickup truck, but keeping them organized is a total nightmare.

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    Hand Armor

    Most gloves protect only the front of your hand, but Ergodyne's ProFlex 925 protects the back, too, so you won't be injured during demo and heavy construction work.

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    Xena Bulletlock Padlock

    Whether you're securing a building or a gangbox full of tools, a tough lock is essential.

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    Ansell ActivArmr series gloves

    Ansell's ActivArmr series gloves are designed with specific trades in mind.

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    KP Industries Ultra Flex III kneepads

    Sure, the jointed Ultra Flex III kneepads may make you look like the tin man – but they'll also keep your knees safe from harm, says the maker.

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    Knaack Field Station

    Think of the new Knaack Field Station as a mobile command center, with everything you need for a job-site office, including adjustable shelves, a plan table, and places to mount bins and a work light.

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    ReCoiler Hose-Storage System

    All it takes is one twisting, curling air hose to create a tripping hazard and completely clutter the work area.

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    ARE Truck Cap

    ARE's RT series truck cap is extra tall, providing plenty of room for lumber, tools, and materials.

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    Trambed Truck Storage Solution

    A truck cap keeps tools dry but can make it harder to get at them. The TramBed provides complete access to the cargo space in your pickup.

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    Warn Cordless Lifting Tool

    The Cordless Warn PulzAll is a battery-powered pulling and lifting tool that can help you move heavy items like LVLs and I-beams.

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    Truck-Bed LED lights

    Blindly rummaging around in the back of your truck on a dark winter morning is a lousy way to start the day.

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    Weather Guard Hi-Side Boxes

    Weather Guard's new Hi-Side boxes are both weather-resistant and tamperproof: An innovative built-in gutter system helps them shed water, and all locks are drill-resistant.

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    Swift Hitch BackUp Camera

    If you're one of those people who can't hitch up a trailer to save your life, you should consider the Swift Hitch.

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