Product Briefs

  • The Slide-Kick

    This belt-worn loop keeps cords and hoses close but out of the way. 

  • Weigh Safe Drop Hitch

    Here’s a device that makes it possible to instantly know the tongue weight of your trailer—and avoid the danger of having too much or too little. 

  • The Kreg System Organizer

    This carry case is designed to hold a variety of Kreg pocket screw jigs and accessories. 

  • Klein Adjustable-Length Screwdriver

    Why carry a whole bunch of screwdrivers when one is enough? 

  • DeWalt Stackable Sets

    These newly designed mechanics tools come in clever modular cases that work well in the shop and on site.

  • The Cheater Pipe Wrench

    This very cool plumbing tool has a removable extendable handle. Why didn’t someone think of this before?

  • A Clever Tool for Setting Molly Anchors

  • Crescent X6 Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set

    This combination tool is an all-in-one adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, and socket set.

  • Fein FMM 350Q MultiMaster

    This updated version of the MultiMaster costs the same as the previous model but is said to produce 50% less noise, 70% less vibration, and 35% more power.

  • Crescent Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench

    A light compact wrench that is quick and easy to use.

  • Studpop Stud Finder

    This magnetic stud finder proves there’s a place in the world for simple, cheap, and reliable old-school tools.

  • Gearwrench Universal Spline Ratcheting Wrenches

    Gearwrench 120XP Ratcheting Wrenches have the tightest ratcheting arc available, according to the manufacturer.

  • Ryobi Phone Works

    The Ryobi Phone Works is used in conjunction with a variety of test and measurement tools and a smart phone.

  • FastCap LED Saw Hood Light

    Although the FastCap LED Saw Hood Light is made specifically to attach to the FastCap Sawhood and Sawhood Pro, it also can be used as a general work light.

  • Porter-Cable Bluetooth Radio

    Porter Cable is keeping pace with hand-held technology with the release of its 20-Volt Bluetooth radio. The small radio, weighing just over 3 pounds, can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device.

  • Groz Indestructible Handle Sledgehammer

    The only two requirements for a sledgehammer are that it’s good at smashing things and that it won’t break. Groz’s new Indestructible Handle Sledge Hammers look to excel in both categories.

  • Channellock Screwdrivers

    Everyone needs a few quality screwdrivers. Channellock recently redesigned its with a decidedly retro look that actually makes them easier to use.

  • Diablo Steel Demon Carbide Tipped Recip Blades

    Diablo has designed its new Steel Demon Recip Blades specifically to cut through thick metal.

  • FatMax Auto-Locking Tape

    Stanley has recently released new auto-locking versions of its well-known FatMax tape measures.

  • Knipex Pliers Wrench XL 16

    The Knipex Pliers Wrench XL 16-inch combines the clamping power of pliers with the smooth, aligned jaws of a wrench.

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