Product Briefs

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    Milwaukee M18 Power Source

    Charge cellphones, digital cameras, and mp3 players away from busy job-site outlets

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    Klein Kurve Wire Strippers/Cutters

    The model 11054 cutters can handle 8-16 AWG solid wire and 10-18 AWG stranded wire

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    Kapro Box Level

    The new 905 Condor series levels are easy on the eyes

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    iVac Switch

    If you don't have one of those fancy vacuums with the automatic start outlet, check this out

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    Goldblatt RamRod Impact Tool

    This spring-loaded hand tool breaks brick, concrete, asphalt, tile, and other tough materials

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    Dustless Technologies SawBuddie

    Dust-free cutting with a recip saw may be possible after all

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    DeWalt Combination Dual-Port Fast Charger

    The DCB103 is capable of charging just about every DeWalt battery out there

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    10-Inch Steel Pliers

    Channellock's Code Blue Linesman pliers have ergonomic rubber grips

  • The Most Unusual Work Light You'll Never Own

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    Hammer + Prybar

    The True Temper 30-inch Claw Bar looks like a cross between a framing hammer and a crowbar.

  • Light My Pliers

    Now that LEDs are on just about every power tool you can name, it's apparently time for them to start showing up on hand tools.

  • Stirring Lid

    The Mixing Mate Paint Lid can be used to mix and store finishes such as paint, polyurethane, and stain.

  • Strap Organizer

    Ratchet straps are great for securing a load on a pickup truck, but keeping them organized is a total nightmare.

  • Flexible Roller

    The McCauley Mini Roller Flex is a roller handle with a flexible neck that can be quickly adjusted to any position, so you can roll difficult areas like rake boards and gutters.

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    Wide-Angle Stud Sensor

    Imagine using a dozen stud sensors at the same time. That's the basic idea behind the Franklin ProSensor.

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    Flexible Flashlight

    The EMF2 Extendable Flashlight is a low-tech alternative to a digital inspection camera.

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    Extension Level

    Ever had to plumb from floor to ceiling by holding two levels together?

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    Digital Level

    Bosch's electronic level is easier to use than a spirit level and performs some functions that a spirit level cannot.

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    Traditional Chisels

    If you like the durability and feel of traditional wood- handle socket chisels, Stanley has something for you.

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    Flush Cut Pliers

    The new Channellock 758 pliers are designed to make flush cuts in small wires and plastic cables.

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