Tool Tests and Reviews

  • DeWalt 48” Carbon Fiber Composite Level

    DeWalt's new level gets put through the paces on a jobsite; how did it handle a 9-ft. drop onto concrete?

  • PLS 480 Layout Laser

    This do-it-all tool from Pacific Laser Systems can project square layout onto sloped surfaces, project plumb and level lines, and be used in place of a plumb bob.

  • DeWalt Wall Scanner Teardown

    A geek’s eye view of the interior of DeWalt’s DCT419 wall scanner.

  • The Gecko Gauge

    This tool makes it faster and easier to install siding and won’t mar prefinished material.

  • Bosch GLM 15 Laser Distance Measurer

    This small tool is just enough: simple enough, accurate enough, and inexpensive enough for those who do not need a full-featured LDM.

  • Bosch Laser Measurer With Bluetooth

    The measurements you take with the GLM 100 C can be wirelessly transferred to your smart device.

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    Tool Test: Affordable Line Lasers

    For this article, my crew and I tested 11 self-leveling line lasers that can be purchased for $300 or less – an amount any tradesperson should be willing to spend for a tool that can pay for itself. Our pricing came from reputable online dealers; you may pay more or less based on when and where you...

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    Tool Test: Combination Lasers

    My first encounter with construction lasers was 20-plus years ago on a commercial job site, where a subcontractor was using a rotary laser to level the track for a suspended ceiling. The tool obviously saved a lot of time, and even though it could only shoot level, I was jealous that my company...

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    Tools Up Close: SawGear Automatic Measuring System

    The SawGear consists of an aluminum measuring bar (or fence), a flip stop, and a power head with a digital LCD screen and keypad. Unlike most length stops, which must be positioned by hand, this one moves along the measuring bar in response to dimensions entered on the keypad.

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    Green Grass Group DoubleVsquare

    Green Grass Group's DoubleVsquare ($25) — which consists of two triangular-type aluminum squares hinged down the center — makes it easier to transfer marks around corners

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