Every November, 100,000+ gearheads descend on Las Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. SEMA is the trade group for the thousands of companies worldwide involved in the business of making, installing, and selling aftermarket equipment. I've been curious about the show and this year managed to come up with the travel budget to go, but only as a day trip. I arrived at the convention center in time for the opening parade at 9 AM; I heard instruments being played but saw nothing of the marching band 50 feet away because I could not take my eyes off all of the hundreds of incredible restored and customized vehicles parked in front of the convention center.

This year's SEMA is one of the largest shows I have ever been to. It filled three outdoor lots, the street in front of the convention center, all three halls of the convention center, and a floor of the South hall I didn't know existed. I walked the entire thing and by the end of the day could barely lift my feet, but there was a smile on my face because I'd seen so many incredible things—vehicles mostly but also some tools and equipment. If you are a gearhead you owe it to yourself to attend SEMA at least once in your life. There is more at the event than is possible to describe so I'll show you pictures of 50 cool things you could have seen at SEMA.