Strattec Security’s Bolt Locks can be “programmed” by you to match the key to your vehicle, allowing you to carry fewer keys and not have to worry about arriving on site without the necessary keys. These weatherproof locks are compatible with the ignition keys for major brands of vehicles—even the new high security keys with internal cuts. To program a new lock, insert the desired key, twist it, and the lock will now work with that key.

Bolt Locks are available as padlocks, cable locks, spare tire locks, receiver locks, tail gate handles, and tool box latches for service bodies. The company is said to be working on padlocks compatible with jobsite tool storage boxes. Price varies by model; the padlock ($22) costs the least and the cable lock ($40) the most.

Based in Milwaukee, Strattec Security is a major (Tier 1) supplier of locks to U.S. automakers. Click here for the Bolt Lock website.