David Frane
Hangman at JLC Live 2014
David Frane Hangman at JLC Live 2014

I saw this tool in March 2014 at the JLC LIVE tradeshow in Providence, RI. It’s an anodized aluminum bracket that locks tightly inside the hollow rung of an extension ladder. The bracket comes with an adjustable U-shaped hook that can hold nail guns, cordless drills, and various other tools. And it can be equipped with a paint can ring that will hold a one-gallon paint can with the handle down and out of the way.

The inventors of the Hangman were at the show to drum up interest (video below) in the product—though it was not yet for sale. They were near the end of the Kickstarter campaign they will use to fund the project. It raised more than $12,000 (120% of the goal). If all goes well this product will be available for purchase in the not-too-distant future. The Hangman is expected to sell for $99 alone and $119 with the paint can ring.

My Take
The Hangman is well-designed and beautifully made. It's certainly better than anything I've used to hang paint cans and tools from ladders. The question is: How many folks will be willing to spend $100-120 for a bracket to hold a nail gun, power tool, or paint can?