I’ve never liked working alone. It means having only two hands to load and unload my truck. The workday starts slower, and ends quicker. And by the time quitting time rolls along there are only two hands around to sweep and put tools away. Lacking an extra set of hands is perhaps most inconvenient, however, when something needs to be held temporarily – like crown or chair rail, or the other side of a six foot level.

Festool provides a low-cost, ingenious solution for those of us who work regularly on our own, or anyone who needs an extra set of hands on the jobsite, with the invention of the CT Wings. They’re not new, but we haven’t covered them here before. And if you’re not already aware of them you’ll be as intrigued and impressed by them as I am (I have yet to use them myself, but I’ve got some on order).

Here's a look at the CT Wings:

Watch carpenter Gary Katz put them to good use here: