Here's something to add to your list of sustainable practices: When your old pickup finally wears out, it's almost 100% recyclable.

According to the Automotive Recycling Association, motor vehicles, including pickup trucks, are the most recycled consumer products in the United States. Virtually all of the steel and lead in a junked vehicle is recovered and reused, ARA claims, along with up to 80% of its aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, and zinc.

Recycling facilities also drain and recycle fluids from the vehicles, and dismantle, refurbish, and resell all recoverable parts. Other materials are shredded and used in a variety of new products. Very little ever makes it to a landfill.

What's more, each ton of a recycled vehicle's steel saves 76% of the energy needed to make new steel. One ton of scrap steel saves having to mine 2,500 pounds of ore and 1,400 pounds of coal.

Recycling just one vehicle also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost 9,000 pounds--the equivalent of burning 502 gallons of gasoline.