Makita recently turned 100—as in 100 years old, an age few large companies ever reach. To celebrate this milestone, Makita has been holding events in the countries where it operates. The U.S. event was held in Southern California and I was there with two other journalists and a few hundred guests whose companies distribute Makita tools.

For many, the high point of celebration was the banquet, which included speeches by Makita execs from the U.S. and Japan, a sake ceremony, and a concert by country pop star Martina McBride. While I enjoyed all of the above, for me the trip was about seeing new tools—many of which had never before been shown in public and won’t be out until later this year or in 2016.

The slideshow on this page contains some of the more interesting and significant tools you would have seen if you’d been present at the 100-year anniversary event. Wherever possible I included the release date, country of origin, and pricing—though for many it’s too soon for Makita to release pricing. Be sure to see the captions, which describe the tools’ features