Trimaco’s E-Z Guard shoe dispenser system provides a layer of protection between the boot sole and the floor. All you have to do is step, pull, and tear.

Rarely do you hear clients say “don’t worry, you can keep your boots on” when you show up to begin working inside of their homes. Even if they say it, it almost feels like a test: do you care enough to not traipse dirt and mud in while you work. A variation on the traditional booties, Tidy Trax, has been around for a while. Made to fit over your boots, they offer a simple, hands-free way to add a protective layer between your feet and the floor. Trimaco has their own version of wearable floor protection: the E-Z Guard system. Though it’s not new, we got a chance to take a look at the product at this year’s WOC show earlier this month.

The system works by placing a sheet of film, which is adhesive on one side, onto the bottom of your boot. This clear, adhesive film comes as a roll that sits inside the dispenser. Reported to stick to your boot’s sole even when it is wet, the film can be layered so you don’t have to take anything on and off through multiple trips in and out of the home. This polypropylene film is also recyclable.

Cost: $139 for the dispenser and 1 roll of film (good for up to 250 pairs). Replacement rolls run about $35 each.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the system.